Exploring the Most Popular Neighborhoods in Baltimore County

Discover why Baltimore County is one of America's most vibrant cities! Explore Farring-Baybrook Charles Village Mt.. Washington Village Canton South Baltimore & more.

Exploring the Most Popular Neighborhoods in Baltimore County

Baltimore is a vibrant and bustling city on the East Coast, often overshadowed by its more famous neighbor, Washington, D. C. Located on an important inland port in the upper part of the Chesapeake Bay, Baltimore has a thriving shipping, transportation and manufacturing industry. The city center has undergone major renovations with a strong emphasis on historic preservation.

The restored waterfront adjacent to the city center is now a shopping and leisure destination with excellent museums, a first-class aquarium and plenty of activities. Like Brooklyn, Baltimore offers a variety of trendy restaurants, shops, art centers and amenities. One of the most popular neighborhoods is Farring-Baybrook, which boasts two huge public parks with athletic fields, murals, dance classes and outdoor trails. The best part of this beautiful Baltimore neighborhood? The stunning views of the coast.

Charles Village is another popular area, known for its ethnic and racial diversity. It is a mix of students, families, recent graduates, blue-collar workers, hipster couples, immigrants and retirees. More Victorian townhouses mixed with skyscrapers give this neighborhood a small college town feel as it is home to Johns Hopkins University. Mt.

Washington Village is a tranquil area that combines suburban tranquility with urban vitality. Individuals, couples, families and people with empty nests live in small bungalows, large Victorian houses and garden apartments. The residents of this Baltimore neighborhood are investing in the community and aren't going anywhere anytime soon. The center of the neighborhood is the historic Mt.

Washington Village with boutiques, antique stores, cozy restaurants and lounges. Nowadays, light rail has replaced the streetcar around which this community was built. It is close to the mansion and the landscaped gardens of the Cylburn Arboretum as well as Mt. Washington Park.

In addition, Lake Roland Park is just a short drive north. Now home to the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, this historic neighborhood is home to museums, theaters, elegant restaurants and boutique hotels. Canton is another lively neighborhood full of summer festivals and activities for the whole family in Baltimore. Located next to the harbor and about ten minutes' drive from I-95, this Baltimore neighborhood has a thriving shopping district that can be easily reached on foot along O'Donnell Street where young professionals flock to enjoy trendy bars, restaurants and nightlife.

The neighborhoods surrounding Baltimore are very attractive especially to the west southwest and some to the southeast of the city. Make memories with your kids by watching the Fleet Week air shows and fireworks taking a water taxi in Baltimore or enjoying free concerts in Baltimore all summer long with WTMD's First Thursday Festival in Canton Waterfront Park. In fact Baltimore is a city of many contrasts with a mix of attractive and avant-garde neighborhoods as well as some of the worst urban deterioration on the East Coast with socioeconomic disparities crime drugs educational problems and all the other things that accompany that neglect in those parts of the city. This walkable community in South Baltimore is active and committed to improving public works for the compact urban neighborhood of narrow tree-dotted streets lined with elegant townhouses and townhouses and apartment buildings.

Leisure activities are abundant in Baltimore; it's a very sporty city especially when it comes to its beloved baseball team - The Baltimore Orioles - and its football team - The Baltimore Ravens. Charm City is much more than its famous port: these are historic neighborhoods in Baltimore with iconic townhouses revitalized areas with warehouses districts with charming brick roads and many other reasons that will make you want to move here.

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