Is Baltimore City the Same as Baltimore County? - A Comprehensive Guide

Politically speaking, there are differences between Baltimore City & County - learn more about them here! Find out about their history & economy.

Is Baltimore City the Same as Baltimore County? - A Comprehensive Guide

Politically, Baltimore County is leaning toward Democrats, but not as overwhelmingly as the city of Baltimore. In general, the northern parts of the county lean toward Republicans, while the southern part is more Democratic. Baltimore County is a hub of highways that connect from north to south and from east to west, providing excellent and efficient access to any area. All land classified as industrial zones in the county is within five miles (eight kilometers) of an interstate highway.

Well-maintained state and county highways, which cover more than 2,750 miles (4,300 kilometers), serve areas not reached by the extensive highway system. The county maintains more than 2,224 miles (3,759 kilometers) of these roads. Baltimore was established in 1729 and was named after the Irish Barony of Baltimore (seat of the Calvert family, owners of the Maryland colony). It was created as a port for transporting tobacco and cereals, and soon local waterways were used for milling flour. At the outbreak of the American Revolution, it was a bustling seaport and shipbuilding center.

The Baltimore Clippers sailed the seas and trade spread to the Caribbean. The Navy's first ship, the Constellation, was launched in Baltimore in 1797, and its namesake, the last warship built exclusively by sailing (185 for the navy), has been moored in the city's harbor since 1955; in the late 1990s, the ship underwent extensive restoration. The Continental Congress met in Baltimore (December 1776 to March 177) when it was feared that the British would attack Philadelphia, then the national capital. A fire on February 7, 1904 devastated most of the business district, but recovery was quick. At the start of World War I, Baltimore began to develop industrially with the construction of steel mills, oil refineries, and related war industries.

In the 1920s and early 1930s, Baltimore acquired an intellectual aura thanks to the work of essayist and editor H. L. Mencken and his circle, including journalists from the Sun newspaper. A period of urban decay in the city center after World War II was followed by a major renovation of the center and coastal areas. Baltimore is now a major seaport with ship repair facilities and a highly diversified economy.

The port opens to the sea through Chesapeake Bay and the Chesapeake and Delaware canals and is a major shipping point for cars. Services, including health care, education, finance, and insurance, are an important component of the economy. The headquarters of the Federal Social Security Administration is located in the city, and other federal government and military services are also important. Manufacturing includes cars, electronics, steel, processed foods, paper and plastic products, and aircraft parts. Baltimore and its surrounding area are a center of higher education.

There are renowned institutions such as Johns Hopkins University (187), which includes the Peabody Institute Conservatory of Music (1857); affiliated with Johns Hopkins since 1997; Coppin State University (1900), Towson University (186), University of Maryland (180) and University of Baltimore (192), all part of University of Maryland system; Loyola University of Maryland (185); University of Notre Dame of Maryland (187); Morgan State University (186); School of Art at Maryland Institute (186); School of Art at Maryland Institute (Maryland) (186); School of Art at Maryland Institute (186); School of Art at Maryland Institute (186); School of Art at Maryland Institute (186); School of Art at Maryland Institute (186); School of Art at Maryland Institute (186); School of Art at Maryland Institute (186); School of Art at Maryland Institute (186); School of Art at Maryland Institute (186); School of Art at Maryland Institute (186 182); Goucher College (188); and Baltimore City Community College (194). Other cultural institutions in the city include Enoch Pratt Free Library (188), Baltimore Museum of Art (191), Walters Art Museum (1934; formerly called Walters Art Gallery), symphony orchestra, opera companies and theater companies. The Baltimore Civil War Museum (199) has exhibits on city's role in underground railroad. The Inner Harbor area revitalized in 1980s includes Baltimore National Aquarium and other attractions. In 1674 a landlord's proclamation established then-extensive boundary lines for old Baltimore County.

The Baltimore County Executive oversees executive branch county government responsible for implementing county law overseeing government operations. Apparently since 1692 a new courthouse was being built in Simm's Choice on Baltimore County side in Little Gunpowder Falls. Much of Baltimore County is suburban extending on both sides border between Piedmont Plateau northwest into southern southeastern regions county bordering Patapsco River Chesapeake Bay Atlantic coastal plain. Baltimore County is Maryland's second-largest jurisdiction terms employment home to more than 21000 employers' establishments. With little financial pressure after paying cost new courthouse 300 pounds sterling dominant business commercial political residents city Baltimore managed get Maryland General Assembly move county seat to its growing port city. The modern Baltimore County Sheriff's Department is responsible for security county's two main circuit court buildings several courtrooms elsewhere as well processing service court orders. Baltimore County is home to diversified economy with special emphasis on education government health care.

In 1768 after receiving petitions for against relocation General Assembly passed law moved county seat from Joppa County to Baltimore. Baltimore County is represented by Republican Andy Harris from Maryland's 1st congressional district Democrat Dutch Ruppersberger from 2nd district Democrat Kweisi Mfume from 7th district. Site courthouse jail seat Baltimore County evidently Old Baltimore near Bush River land that 1773 became part...

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